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First started teaching at the age of 12, football tactics among friends, moving on to coaching volleyball teams, then digging deep into Human nature through Yoga and finally through TM.

Turned into language teaching through TEFL and for the past 22 years have been developing and implementing training systems in the Portuguese real estate industry, blending both together, and helping non-speakers in their plight to learn the professional jargons that make up real estate activities in Portugal.

terça-feira, agosto 26, 2008


This Seminar APEMIP held in Lagoa could have been so much better...

Had it not suffered from what is a cultural thing among us: Late, Later, Latest:

So late were we that we had to list to the sponsor (UCI) speak to us and sell their products;

Other "latenesses", due to lack of participation by the audience, drove us to listen to long and boring discourses by both Sérgio Martins and Eduardo Macedo – Presidents,
respectively of the Direcção Regional Sul and of Direcção Nacional of APEMIP;

It was useful and interessantly to retain info in Portuguese (Where were the translators?!?) from the other speakers:

- António Figueiredo from the "Instituto dos Registos e do Notariado" on ending of the requirement for deeds and methods over in the Simplex;
- Alexandre Fernandes - Director Geral da ADENE - who also defined the desired impact of the Energy Certification of Buildings.

At long last, after a long journey, we were able to hear Eng.º Ponce de Leão - Presidente do InCI - who stated (And i quote) that "real estate mediation companies and their Association" had reached their maturity and one could foresee the time when self-regulation of this activity would be possible...

I confess this scares me as we lack 2 important factors in this equation:

1 - The lack of a coherent academic and training structure that can support such a "dream";

2 - The difficulty foreigners (who are nothing more than Europeans with full rights) find in unifying themselves in a common platform which can dialogue and be uniform and justified.

Without these 2 elements, made available to those professionals that have come to stay and help build Algarve's PIB (And also Portugal's), I cannot see good omens in these words spoken at the Seminar.

Urgent action is needed.

Your Colleague,

Daniel Foster da Silva

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