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First started teaching at the age of 12, football tactics among friends, moving on to coaching volleyball teams, then digging deep into Human nature through Yoga and finally through TM.

Turned into language teaching through TEFL and for the past 22 years have been developing and implementing training systems in the Portuguese real estate industry, blending both together, and helping non-speakers in their plight to learn the professional jargons that make up real estate activities in Portugal.

sábado, julho 26, 2014

I love teaching, especially languages.

Languages are fascinating things, as they have a life of their own. As a means of communicating with others, we all adapt its use to our particular spheres of influence, realities and needs.
"(...) there is much more to language teaching than language teaching." -  in his book "Just a Phrase I'm Going Through"
EFL What I have done, do and will do
I have always preferred tutorials and one-to-one sessions, as this allows me to achieve greater results with my students when it concerns areas of study as far apart as simply knowing how to speak, read or write in another language; handling the use of that language in a particular profession; up to the jargon of the technicalities of specific texts, events and conferences - always from the perspective of a foreign language learning process and achieving fluency within it.
So I have, since the 80’s, done this line of teaching; along with classroom teaching, such as those 6 years in Sumbe and Luanda in Angola, at the , which was a very interesting experience since it was a melting pot all of its own, as along with Portuguese came Ovimbundu, Umbundu and Kimbundu, French e o Lingala, Côkwe, etc (see ) all mixed up.

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