domingo, fevereiro 10, 2008

Licensed Real Estate Companies

Government licensing of real estate companies truly began in 1992: Since then a number of requirements have been laid down to ensure the quality of services rendered by them; allowing greater freedom of choice and dealership, better counselling and satisfaction for customers.

An authorised broker (empresa de mediação imobiliária) has a valid 3 year AMI number /license, attributed by InCI (The institute that oversees real estate activities in Portugal); And must prove during that time proficiency in many diverse yet related areas such as Law, Taxation, Business, Finance and Economy, Building Efficiency and Construction, Property Surveying and Marketing.

It also provides greater security to their clients as they have to have a mandatory civil liability insurance (Seguro de Responsabilidade Civil) which covers damages to their clients’ estate (property and money involved in the transaction) that they are dealing with through the real estate contract.

It outlaws such persons or businesses who do not comply with these norms, undermining the real estate industry through malpractice. And the Institute has set heavy fines to dissuade them from continuing in such course of action.

Daniel Foster da Silva

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Nice post. Portagal have very developed and good system in the area of property.

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Thanks Morocco.