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Presenting different useful continuous training solutions for credits and license validity

What are the best and most practical solutions for continous training in real estate and achieving the needed credits for InCI?

The standard mode is to do 30-hours of traditional classroom sessions and thus attain 6 credits. APEMIP and several training companies across Portugal offer very sleepy and get-your-paper solutions. REP can do this, has done it, but our principle differs from these trends.

The most graceful solution is simply to take the exam in its continuous mode, as this is valid for the entirety of the 3-years of the license or enrolment at InCI. And cheap: 25 Euros…

What I do is I have a standard refresher course which takes you through the motions, new changes in the laws etc. It can be done as a whole or in units.

Egs. (from last exam training)

- Lynne took the full refresher course and passed.
- Helena started with a unit (3 sessions and use of online campus, plus the 3 session before the exam itself ) and then decided to add another unit (3 more sessions) to the initial unit of training. She also passed.
- Albertino did 1 unit purely online (He was in Gibraltar) and passed.

So you see we can work round your necessities plus desires and fit them into helping you pass the exam.

in reference to: Bilingual Real Estate Training in Portugal (view on Google Sidewiki)

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