sexta-feira, janeiro 06, 2006

Is selling not life?!?

It is often thought that certain people are "born salespersons". We forget that it rarely is the case.

Even taking into consideration that such a factor X can exist, whether of genetical value or simply a gift, if we look closely we find that everyone has this salesperson's quality.

It may be deep inside, but sure enough, one finds that selling is to know how to live: It may be just trying to survive, but more often than not it's all about discovering the quality life has and that is at our arms reach. If only we learn to sell...

So when one talks about training in sales and other relevant subjects, that envelop the real estate activities, one should not take it lightly: Selling or buying real estate demands understanding the full scope of the responsabilities they entail; The right approach should be made in training to allow the professional to follow the most appropriate knowledge and skills that can really elevate him or her into true "salepersonship", and thus become the "good salesperson" the market wants.

One should keep in perspective that real estate activities are by and large dependent on one thing and one thing alone: The human factor

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António Novais disse...

Bom dia Daniel,
Tenho vindo a retirar informação aos poucos, mas a verdade é que tudo está relacionado e tenho receio de retirar alguma do contexto.
Para si e para os seus uma feliz Páscoa !
António Novais

Daniel Foster da Silva disse...

Agradeço os seus comentáros, sempre.