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First started teaching at the age of 12, football tactics among friends, moving on to coaching volleyball teams, then digging deep into Human nature through Yoga and finally through TM.

Turned into language teaching through TEFL and for the past 22 years have been developing and implementing training systems in the Portuguese real estate industry, blending both together, and helping non-speakers in their plight to learn the professional jargons that make up real estate activities in Portugal.

quarta-feira, janeiro 04, 2006

Why I created a Portuguese Real Estate Practice website

Over recent years, public concern has grown in Portugal on how real estate transactions are handled by brokers. In tune with Europe, Portuguese legislation has made an effort, not only to make such transactions more transparent, but also to develop human resources in these companies.
By coupling the commercial and managerial side of the business with training courses, "Sociedades de Mediação Imobiliária" (real estate brokers in Portugal) ensure an overall better service and reinforce their position in the market.
Over the years, since the 80's, and despite initial efforts by CMOPPI, followed by IMOPPI, there has never been a real link between real estate practice, professional training and the subsequent laws.
IMOPPI's efforts do deserve credit, but fail to hit the target.
This can be seen in the way most training companies lack the capacity to overcome the difficulties of reaching out into the field and joining theory with practice.
Nevertheless, real estate brokers have begun to realise the necessity for adequate treatment in producing active curriculae.
This portal also allows certified real estate brokers and listers to use the "Multiple Listing System" (MLS), with specialised directories, placed all over Europe and North America.
Slowly, but surely, this reflects on the market...

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